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20 Unusual Things 20 Successful People Do Every Day |

All the successful people I know have at least one thing they make sure to do every day; one thing they feel contributes greatly to their success.

Some of the following are tech entrepreneurs, while others run more conventional businesses. For variety, I’ve also included a restaurateur and celebrity chef, a screenwriter and executive producer, an ex-Navy SEAL (because no list is complete without a SEAL), a chart-topping guitarist whose career spans three decades, and a creative director, author, and judge on Project Runway.

Even so, you’ll find that each person’s “one thing” is almost always personal– instead of strictly professional. Because after all, success ultimately comes from within.

Here they are:

I shift my day. I found long ago that I have my best ideas and am at my most productive early in the morning. I used to lose this time in the rush of getting the kids out of the door and getting ready for work, and then I found myself trying to remember the great idea I had as I was putting on my mascara.

So now I go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier–I’m up by 4am–which gives me a few hours of super-productive time before the craziness of the day starts and my mind gets jumbled with the mass of tactical decisions to be made.

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